Ben is also a published author!  He has four books available on-line or at your favourite bookstore!


is the true story about a boy torn between the love of his life and the love of his nation!  Set during the War of 1812, Billy Green rides three hours in the dead of night to warn the British of the impending American invasion... and saves Canada! 

RACING TO MURDER is a murder mystery based in the glamorous world of Formula 1 racing! Randall Grange is a cop who trades in his cruiser for an F1 ride to catch the killer of the world's best driver!  
TUFFY THE HOBO is the heart-warming story of a suddenly homeless cat who befriends an angry wasp named Henri. Their wild adventure forces them to confront their difficult pasts, survive the dangerous present and secure a safe future. Together they learn life's lessons, search for love and a place they can call home. A book for all ages.
TONGUE IN CHEEK is a collection of hilarious articles Ben wrote for The Bay Observer Newspaper.